Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Task Force 88

Senior al Qaeda in Iraq intel officer killed in Diyala
By Bill RoggioFebruary 20, 2008 10:05 AM

The ID badge for al Qaeda intelligence chief Arkan Khalaf Khudayyir. also known as Karrar.
Multinational Forces Iraq has confirmed it killed a senior intelligence officer of al Qaeda in Iraq’s network in Diyala. Arkan Khalaf Khudayyir, also known as Karrar, was killed during a raid by “Coalition forces” in Khan Bani Sa’ad on February 17. Multinational Forces Iraq uses the generic term Coalition forces to describe Task Force 88, the special operations hunter-killer teams tasked with dismantling al Qaeda in Iraq’s senior leaders and wider network.
Karrar was described as a senior intelligence leader for al Qaeda in Iraq’s network in Baqubah. Karrar facilitated suicide bombing attacks in the Diyala River Valley. This network also has been responsible for attacks in Baghdad, “to include attacks by female suicide bombers.”

Now reportedly renamed to TF-88, this cream of Western Special Operators consists of several elements:
TF Black - operating chiefly in Southern Iraq - made up of an SAS sabre squadron, supported by a Company of SFSG (TF Red). Some SBS operators are thought to be attached to TF Black.
TF Blue - US Navy SEALs from DEVGRU (Seal Team 6)
TF Green - 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment - or 'Delta Force'
TF Orange - electronic intelligence gathers
Elements of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR), US 24th Special Tactics Squadron, the UK's 7 and 47 RAF Squadrons provide specialised air support for TF-88. CIA operatives alongside the UK's Joint Support Group and SRR are believed to be attached to the Task Force to provide intelligence support. 18 UKSF Signals and their US equivalents (Task Force Orange) provide secure comms and eavesdropping capabiltiies.
The primary role of TF-88 is to hunt down senior members of Al-Qaeda operating in Iraq. To this end, the Task Force has had several successes including the killing of Al-Zarqawi. Elements of the Task force have also been active in hunting down Al Qaeda forces in Afghanistan.


Anonymous said...

Fine stuff but I might suggest spelling struggeling (struggling) correctly. It'll get you taken more seriously.

Note that it's spelled incorrectly in your pages title

Anonymous said...

I am proud of the work TF 88 does. They are real patriots. Their work must never cease!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last comment. These brave men are defending our country.

Anonymous said...

This is murder, not war. -Robert E. Lee

Mac said...

"This is murder, not war. -Robert E. Lee"

You'll think that when extremist Islam comes knocking on your door.

TF88 and the rest of the US service personnel are making it difficult for the battle to come to US shores, so if you are in the US, I would recommend thanking them and showing your support as opposed to chastising them for work YOU aren't willing or capable of performing.

Anonymous said...

We are the ones that do the knocking. We always have been the invaders. patriots?.....that is what some said about John Booth. IM am good at what I do. If you were there you would question your nieve media fed mind.... your either a civilian on the sidelines cheering for a cause that doesn't exist but on your news screen, or you are some grunt that watches too many military movies. But love it or hate it.... We're not going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

We all can agree that task force 88 is a group of extreme badasses,and are not to be reckoned with

Blanche M said...

We need forces like this right now. You guys are real heros.