Thursday, February 7, 2008

Justification of Training children jihadis

By the way, for those Muslims who are wondering about the Shari’ ruling of this, there are a few points to know:
a. The children were not fighting in the video. They were merely imitating the Mujaahideen and showing their support.
b. Indeed the children in that video were training for Jihaad, and this is what Islaam tells the parents to do. Training for Jihaad is an ‘Ibaadah (act of worship) and it purifies the soul greatly. So instead of having our children grow up in Kaafir societies as wimps, imitating the corrupt celebrities, and speaking foolishness, we have a better alternative.
c. When Jihaad is fard ‘ayn, the ruling is as follows:
The Maliki Fiqh states,
جاء في حاشية الدسوقي: (ويتعين الجهاد بفجء العدو)، قال الدسوقي: (أي توجه الدفع بفجئ } مفاجأة } على كل أحد وإن امرأة أو عبدا أو صبيا، ويخرجون ولو منعهم الولي والزوج ورب الدين)
In Hashiyat ad Dussuqi it is stated: Jihad becomes Fard Ayn upon a surprise attack by the enemy. Dussuqi said:”Wherever this happens, jihad immediately becomes Fard ‘Ayn upon everybody, even women, slaves and children, and they march out even if their guardians, husbands and creditors forbid them to.” [Hashiyat ad Dussuqi 2/174]

The writer compares fireams safety classes and firearms instruction that occurs in the US to teaching children how to
1. breach houses
2. kidnap people
3. practice their suicide bomb speaches.

Trust me here folks my father,hunters safety instructor, and my Marine shooting instructor did not encourage me to martyr myself.

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