Friday, February 8, 2008

Active Jihadi in North Carolina

This person Samir Khan runs himself a website out of North Carolina he actively promotes jihad and his stated purposes is to provide true news and religious guidence. Funny thing is he does not leave my comments up for long as they usually ask questions or make statements contrary to his narrative. While I would like to see his site shutdown I won't go making a big deal about it cause after all this is the United States and we do have freedom of speach. I would invite you to go visit his site offer some comments and see if they stick. I doubt they do for long.

Also please join the good folks over at the Jawa Report as the good doctor and the jawas do a great job of lasering in on foreign jihadi websites that are run in the States which is illegal.

Good night sleep well know that rough men are prepared to do harm to protect you.

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