Friday, December 21, 2007

Stars and Stripes

who is deploying:
Interesting stats in Stars and Stripes from a few days ago, sorry I could not find the link.According to US Army Human Resources Command there are 515,000 Active Duty Soldiers.200,000 have one combat tour.70,000 have two combat tours.15,000 have three or more tours.59.5% of enlisted personnel have deployed.62% of officers have deployed.40.6% of the Active Duty Army has not deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. They break down this way.1.6% are non-deployable due to medical conditions, legal status, or family problems.8.7% are in Initial Entry Training.10.8% are units scheduled to deploy.10% are in units deployed in other operational circumstances, i.e. Korea.0.6% are Drill Sergeants and Recruiters.27% are in health care. Taking care of our wounded warriors.7.2% have been identified for assignment to deploying units.To me the most interesting number is the number with three or more deployments. Reading screeds on the internet one might think most Soldiers were heading for their third or fourth deployment. Not true.Good information if you are talking about the state of the Army with people.

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