Wednesday, December 19, 2007

News Of the Day

Iraq: Al Qaeda moving north?
Torture Site and Large Weapons Cache found.

18 Dec 2007PR# 2007-735
Insurgents killed during attack in Paktika
KABUL, Afghanistan – ISAF units conducted an air strike in the Urgun District, Paktika Province, in southeastern Afghanistan yesterday killing several insurgents.
Taliban extremists fired several rockets in the vicinity of the city of Urgun, with the closet landing within one kilometer (.62 miles) of downtown Urgun. Most of the rockets landed in the vicinity of a nearby village causing fear and panic, but no deaths.
ISAF forces searched the area and observed five militants preparing to fire additional rockets. After positively identifying the militants and ensuring that there was no danger to the surrounding villages, an ISAF ground commander approved the use of precision munitions.
“ISAF ground and air forces communicated closely to ensure there were no Afghan civilians in danger during the strike,” said Major Christine Nelson-Chung, a spokeswoman for ISAF

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