Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Some MNF-I news

Iraq wants U.S. Troop Presents. from MNF-I

WASHINGTON — The government of
Iraq appreciates the efforts and sacrifices
of U.S. servicemembers engaged in the
country’s fight against insurgents, and it
desires a continued American troop presence
as Iraqi security forces improve in
numbers and capability, an Iraqi government
spokesman said Nov. 28.
The U.S.-Iraq Declaration of Principles
for Friendship and Cooperation signed by
President Bush and Iraqi Prime Minister
Nouri al-Maliki during a Nov. 26 videoconference
signifies American recognition
of Iraq’s sovereignty and also of the
United States’ continued commitment of
support for Iraq, Ali al-Dabbagh said during
a conference call with online “bloggers”
and reporters.
The declaration “is a shared statement of
intent that establishes common principles
to frame our future relationship,” Dabbagh
explained, noting the document moves
the two countries further along the path to
normalized bilateral relations.

My take on this is why not have permanent basing we have in Germany, Japan, Korea for over 50 years is only appropriate. One friend in the middle east good two better.

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