Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Good for the Iraqis Bad for the Bad Guys

KALSU — An insurgent safehouse in
Arab Jabour was rendered useless, Dec.
4, by two joint direct attack ammunition
Although dropped by an Air Force
F-16 Falcon jet, the operation was
a combined effort conducted on the
ground by Soldiers of the 1st Battalion,
30th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade
Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division,
Fort Stewart, Ga., and members of a
Concerned Local Citizens (CLC) group
in the area.
The chain of events began Dec. 2,
when the CLCs conducted a daylight
search of a suspected insurgent base of
The citizens, led by Salah Mubarak,
conducted the mission after they experienced
a number of attacks around
the abandoned building, said Capt. Eric
Melloh, from Hunstville, Texas, commander,
Company A, 1-30th Inf. Regt.
Tired of the violence, local residents
including Mubarak’s cousin, who
owned the structure, took proactive
measures to stop the attacks.

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