Sunday, December 9, 2007

the biggest lie

What a good article and puts paid to the fact that these dirt bags are holy warriors.
This is from CJTF-82 website

“Mujahidin” The Biggest Terrorist Lie.
The quote “If you are going to tell a lie, tell a big one.” is usually attributed to Adolf Hitler, his “Propaganda Minister” Joseph Goebbels also said “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will come to believe it.” The Al Qaeda/Taliban propaganda machine has repeated one so often it has become part of our vernacular. The article below, recently posted to a terrorist website, demonstrates this quite well.
"Destroying nine cars belonging to an enemy convoy in the Qarabagh District in Ghazni Province”
“(Al-Hafiz/ Muhammad Yusuf)--At 1100 today [29 November], the mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate [of Afghanistan] attacked a logistics convoy of the foreign forces while it was passing through the Askarkot area of the Qarabagh District in Ghazni Province on the Kabul-Kandahar highway. As reported, during the one-hour attack, six supply trucks and three police SIRV [as received] cars were targeted by an RPG, completely destroying them. The convoy was then forced back. So far, the incinerated trucks and vehicles are still on the roadside. The attack was undertaken through an ambush. Praise be to God, none of the mujahidin was wounded. Since this morning and as of the preparation of this report, the Kabul-Kandahar highway has been blocked before the enemy vehicles and convoys. The day before yesterday, an enemy logistics convoy was also attacked in this area, incinerating 12 enemy trucks”
The heroic battle described above isn’t quite accurate. There were 6 trucks burned in the “one hour attack”, the logistics convoy was hired by Coalition Forces and consisted of Afghan civilian truck drivers and security guards. These men risk daily insurgent attacks as they attempt to earn a living and feed their families by transporting food, water, medical supplies and other items for the Coalition and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. There had been an ambush of the same type a few miles away the previous day but only one truck was disabled and the insurgents did not have time to steal the cargo or destroy the truck. The usual tactics for these ambushes are to spread them out over 10 to 15 miles, as trucks are hit and disabled they “fall out” of the convoy, the few security vehicles stay with the convoy where they can protect the majority of the trucks. These convoys are a favorite target of the insurgents; the security guards manage to safeguard most of the trucks until they reach a Police Station or can call for help on a cell phone. In the meantime, the insurgents can terrorize and sometimes murder the innocent truck drivers and steal as much as possible before igniting the remaining cargo and the truck and running away.
The greatest lie in the article is one most westerners would not even recognize. “Praise be to God, none of the Mujahidin was wounded.” Coming from the same root word as Jihad which means “struggle”, literally translated Mujahidin means “struggler” or “one who struggles” in the Jihad, the “Holy Struggle”. The word brings to mind images of heroes, Audie Murphy, General Patton, any member of “the Greatest Generation”. The Mujahidin are Afghanistan’s “Greatest Generation”, the men Ronald Regan once praised as “Freedom Fighters”, men the caliber of Ahmad Shah Masoud “the Lion of Panjshir”, Ishmael Khan and Hamid Karzai, men who brought freedom, education, equality and progress to Afghanistan. Not men who attack the weak and unarmed, not thieves and “handlers” of suicide bombers who twist the words of God and convince heavily drugged young men and women to kill themselves and as many innocent women and children as they can. The Arabic language offers a term much more accurately describing the men who conduct these crimes. Munafiq (mona-fick) is defined as a “hypocrite, one whose outward appearance is Islam but whose inner reality is disbelief.” According to Sahih Bukhari, the Prophet said, “Whoever has the following four (characteristics) will be a pure hypocrite and whoever has one of the following four characteristics will have one characteristic of hypocrisy unless and until he gives it up. 1) Whenever he is entrusted, he betrays. 2) Whenever he speaks, he tells a lie. 3) Whenever he makes a covenant, he proves treacherous. 4) Whenever he quarrels, he behaves in a very imprudent, evil and insulting manner.” The Quran has hundreds of “ayat” or verses discussing “munafiqun”, referring to them as more dangerous to Muslims than the worst non-Muslim enemies of Islam. The Quran states, “The hypocrites will be in the lowest depths of the Fire: no helper wilt thou find for them.” (Quran 4:145) “Even lower than the worst non-Muslim enemies of Islam,” that accurately describes the way the wives of the truck drivers, the families of the men and women and the parents of the children who are brutally slain by the “munafiq” Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorists feel about them.

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