Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Rifle

So far have held up one month into New Years resolution and got 50 rounds down range today 25 with the AR and 25 with the handgun.

This is my old school AR and today I shot a group a 7 shot group about the size of a quarter at 50 yards with 55grain Russian FMJ steel cased ammo. I will take that every day and no it is not any harder to clean than any other ammo.

I do have a gizmo on my rifle a laser sight my dad gave me.  I have it mounted on the same short length of rail I as I do my forward grip.  It is for close encounters and besides is the only tactical cool thing I have on it.  Since the mount is a 1" Weaver style ring I can put most flashlights in it as well so that is handy.  Total cost for that little set up nothing as we had the ring sitting around not being used.

As pleased as I am with my rifle as soon as I can big changes they are a coming.

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