Thursday, May 5, 2011


I have been silent this last little bit while trying my hand at gunsmithing and generally watching the Middle East and the Magreb got to hell.

I am pleased as punch the OBL is dead as a hammer and could really care less that the Euro-weeny press with the exception of France is having a litter of kittens. What I do wonder about is why the narrative the the attack keeps changing? Maybe the administration should have waited on the debriefing before spouting off at the head. Also my friend over at Captains Journal raises a heck of a point when he says we can unleash a SEAL team on UBL and kill every man in the place but we try to hold snipers accountable for shooting an unarmed Taliban commander or tie Marine and Soldiers hands behind their back with very restrictive ROEs.

My brother made it safely back from another trip across the sea and he has some very unkind things to say about working with NATO. My reaction was "they were supposed to stop the Red Horde from taking over Europe?" Sadly as bad off as the Warsaw Pact was NATO might have been worse.

I digress did you know that the Iranian government through their Revolutionary Guard Corps is involved with something like $12 Billion dollars a year in smuggling a lot of that involving drugs out of Lebanon and Central and South America. $12 Billion is a ton of money and would make the IRGC pretty much financially independent of the Iranian government.

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