Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I normally take the side of police in such matters until the police decide to criminally cover up an illegal shooting. A former Marine Jose Guerena gets gunned down by police in his own home and the police try to cover it up. I do not want to make political hash out of this (some have already started) but a severe injustice was done by a political Sheriff and what appears to be an incompetent SWAT unit. This young man did exactly what I would do if my wife was screaming someone was breaking into our home. I would have done grabbed my AR15 and waited. While I do not know the home defense laws in AZ, where I live you can start blasting if you can clearly explain a threat. Seeing armed men in my house is a threat I would have started shooting. This young man as NOW admitted by police had the fire discipline not to fire probably when he recognized they were police. Do you know how they responded by firing 71 rounds 71! at one man hitting him 60 and then let him bleed out for over an hour before letting paramedics onto the scene. I am not just mad because this young man was a Marine I am mad because of the incompetence of this Sheriff and his SWAT team. The Sheriff and every member of that SWAT team should be in prison in shackles and every day be made to apologize to this young mans widow and child. Now the wife rightfully so has hired a of lawyer and I hope they bankrupt Pima County, AZ.

Thankfully in this case the Marine Corps gave this young man the full military funeral that he deserved. His home country killed him when two tours in Iraq did not.


Laura in LakeGeneva said...

Cowboy -

I've been following this story for over a week. It's heartbreaking. Overkill beyond belief. Have you heard the audio of his wife on the phone with 911?

These vague search warrants are outrageous and it's doubly outrageous the warrant has been sealed since the shooting/murder.

This Marine has been working 12 hour overnight shifts at a copper mine. Boy, that fits the profile of a drug smuggler - home invasion gang member, does't it? No one has said specifically what his job was. I suspect probably security, but maybe he worked in the ore production.

Oathkeepers is holding a memorial service, rally and march this week-end for him in Tucson.

The only info I've heard of the funeral was that he's buried in Mexico. I've never come across an obituary or any other news about his funeral Where did you find the info the Marine Corps gave him full military funeral? I am so glad to hear that.

Laura in LakeGeneva said...

Just went to my news feed and found this link seconds after I posted my comment above. They pulled into his driveway, broke the door down and killed him within a very few seconds. Less than a minute. There must have been someone skulking in the yard outside the windows before the vehicles drove in, since Vanessa had seen one of them and woke Jose up in time for him to tell her to hide in closet with baby before door was knocked down.

Raw video: PCSD helmet cam clip shows SWAT raid and shooting

Laura in LakeGeneva said...

Me again.

Pathetic news report here... Marine awoken from dead sleep, riddled with 60 bullets with less than 60 seconds warning by Tuscon S.W.A.T,
Everybody come together, quiet down. Nothing to see here. Move along now.

trollsmasher said...

Laura, Thank you so much for your comments. The article I liked to from PJMedia said the Corps buried him with a full service. My friend over at Captain's Journal is also covering this matter so it is gaining traction(he has a much wider readership than I do).

I have no idea which way your politics lean but the Sheriff of this county is also the one who was acting all stupid during the tragic shooting in his country that he blamed the Tea Part for. This is before any facts were in. I have a feeling that this is the type of environment he encourages acting before thinking.

I just hope that someone pays with their jobs and that at some point the family can find peace.