Sunday, March 6, 2011

How tyrants remain in power

With all the trouble brewing in Northern Africa and the Middle East I thought it might be worth a go to mention how tyrants in history have remained in power in the face of determined opposition. The tyrant in question either gives such a show of force or threat of violence they back down Napoleon's famous "give them a whiff of the grape" when he stopped a group of rioters in France. Hitler had his "Night of the Long Knives," Idi Amin just ate everyone that got in his way. Qaddafi has chosen to fight to stay in power and it looks like he is pulling out all the stops. If we want the rebellion to succeed we are going to have to help and I do not mean boots on the ground. Once we get a carrier group back in the Med (I have spoken on this and cannot believe we do not have one there anyway like we usually do.) Then we sweep the skies clear of Libyan air power. It would be better actually if the Egyptians did it but they are in such a mess as it is the U.S. will probably have to since NATO has already stated they are not messing with Libya at all.

Oh and the U.S. government has still not declared the attack and murder of our airmen in Germany as an act of Terrorism.

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