Saturday, February 5, 2011


I have been watching this and wondering how our State Department and Executive could be getting this so wrong. It is like they are wanting to cause a power vacuum in there that the Muslim Brotherhood can step right into. There is enough literature out that shows exactly what the Brotherhood believes in that I do not need to add to it however keep in mind this group gave us al-Qaeda and HAMAS and fuel militant Islam throughout the world.

Yes I am all for democracy wherever it can take root however there is nothing at all to be said for letting the Egyptians be able to vote one time and then having it taken away or become meaningless. The Egyptian woman you see going around without head scarves...if the MB takes over that is gone, violence against the Christian Copts will increase, and our best ally in the area Israel will face enemies on all directions.

I am really beginning to wonder where our leaders heads are.

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