Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This week to date

We have launched 4 drone attacks into the FATA of Pakistan killing 23 Taliban and "foreign fighters" including the first cousin of Siraj Haqqini. So far there has not been any retalitory strikes inside of Pakistan. It maybe due to the flooding and the TeT having trouble getting around. More than likely there will be attacks at the end of the week probably Friday after morning Prayers.


Anonymous said...

Hello, great blog and wish you tweeted your links.
What you have to say,about our IDF in particular on the distorted image the world has on Israel's right to self determination would be greatly appreciated.
Truth to power.

Roy said...

Elizabeth, thank you for your kind words it is greatly appreciated.

I see Israel being assaulted by all the Money the Middle East spends in Western Education and the Press. If you were to look at how much money the Saudis spend on U.S. Middle Eastern Studies programs it would help you understand why Western Intellectuals and the Press is against Israel. What I wish people would understand is the culpability of other Muslim countris on the Palestinian problem from the begining. These people were promised their homes back when the Jews were swept into the sea. Three Wars later and Israel was bigger. Then the Middle Eastern countries did not want to absorb the Palestinian refugees. This is a piece of history most people do not even know.

I hope the IDF learned the lessons of the last incursions into Lebanon in 2006. Hezbollah is no longer a rag tag much of terrorists but is a fully trained and equiped army.

I am a friend of Israel and its right to exist and protect itself.