Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Interesting Observation

"For the most part, the resistance (mujahideen) had no strategy to speak of, and their command structure was often so informal as to be nonexistent" from Soldiers of God by Robert Kaplan in 1990.

This is true even today as the ISAF captures Haqqani Network commanders on a regular basis and their attacks do not let up. Keep this in mind when the discussion about Taliban commanders comes up as there is always someone to take charge when a commander is killed or captured.

Here is something you do not hear about everyday because Hamas and the Palestinian Authority have actually gone after al-Qaeda pretty hard in their territories. Apparently a Palestinian al-Qaeda member got himself killed in Afghanistan. I wonder if he counted as one of just a few hundred remaining al-Qaeda members remaining in the Af/Pak theater (Sarc).

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