Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Something the sits wrong with me

I losing the resolve to not speak out very vocally about the state sponsorship of terrorism as it involves two supposed allies of the United States in combating religiously inspired terrorism. I know that I do not have a degree in international relations and that bilateral communication between nations is always a good thing. In saying this however two of our closest allies are also state sponsors of terrorism in not in deed then word and monetarily. The Koran commands that if someone cannot bears arms in the jihad then one must support it with their money and for caring for the families of the soldiers.

While one country may support the jihad for nationalistic reasons that does not stop the groups they are supporting from biting the hand that feeds it and by also striking out against U.S. targets as well as our allies. The other country is all about spreading the salafist ideology through their wallet. Look at who sponsors most of the mosque building, sponsors Muslim schools, and contributes to the Middle Eastern Studies colleges at a great many Universities in the U.S.

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