Tuesday, October 13, 2009

AQ in Yemen

The Jawa report has been reporting on the situation in Yemen for sometime especially the unnoticed crackdown on the Shia minority in the country.
The Sunni backed government has been harboring AQ terrorist for quite sometime. Today there was a gunfight on the Yemeni/Saudi border two suicide bombers killed. Al Qaeda has made the Saudi Kingdom a target for a very long time and has shown no sign of backing off of even after the Saudi crackdown of AQ following the invasion of Iraq.
So even with AQ supposedly hurting for funds, local AQ groups can find their own funding through criminal enterprise or zakat.
The threat of localized AQ inspired attacks maybe be as great or greater than those conducted directly by the group. With the work that jihadi groups do despite affiliation the threat of terrorism is as great as it ever was.

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