Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Here are some thoughts on Afghanistan not the particular tactics but overall. During the last eight years we may have lost our way somewhat in not keeping our eye on the objective of the attack on the Taliban and al-Qaeda by going into Iraq. In saying that however the world almost forgot about Afghanistan as the area had gone relatively cold. That is no longer the case and Afghanistan now is the central front against jihadists.
Now on the eight on we as a nation must decide if committing the full force available to us is the path we want to take. To me the choice is an easy one the jihadis we face only understand strength and no amount of negotiation will make them hate us any less. If we are to contain the ideology, and keep the jihadis for lack of a better word busy defending themselves we must continue to wage an offensive war against the Taliban and al-Qaeda. This war should be fought with the full resources this country can bear. This will not only increase capacity for kinetic operations but for counter-insurgency as well.
A robust forward deployed national security plan is better than waiting on someone to hit you first.

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