Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bing West on Counter-Insurgency

It does not get much more complicated than this in my opinion

“War is not complicated,” West wrote. “You have to separate the guerrilla forces from the population and kill them until they no longer want to continue."

This from a man that has been there and done that.

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Kevin said...

Thanks for posting this. I'd have never seen it unless you did.

This is the first thing I've heard about this war which makes me even consider that something might be done and made permanent.

How would we know if the Arabs are done there? Not that I doubt the veracity of the author, rather what independent confirmation might there be?

I do hope to God he is right and that we can for a mere $4B/annum keep Afghanistan on the road to civilization. I do hope so.

Thanks again Rick. Please keep posting this stuff.

Hucbald said...

Ah yes, a very succinct expression of but one aspect of, "The Cowboy Way." I like it. Excellent.