Monday, May 25, 2009

A little world wide news.

From the Asia Times wow is all I have to say to this. For those not familar with the Asian Times it is not the most U.S. friendly publication on the planet. Not that it is a bad thing as analysis often needs both sides of the story.
A Pakistani cleric convention has declared that the Taliban are agents of the U.S. and India. WTF? well if it gets the people behind ridding themselves of these monsters then yeah I guess I buy it. This is from the Pakistani Daily Times.
According to GEO T.V. there is a new name for the Taliban "miscreants?" And apparently today the Pakistani military killed some of them.
Good news and bad in Afghanistan. The coalition made a very successful drug raid but Afghani anger towards civilian deaths in airstrikes increases. Afghanistan is two steps back one forward. Waiting on the review of my last paper on Astan I will have it posted in the next week or two. The insurgency is tied as much to the Afghan economy as it is to Islam. If the local farmer could make enough money on his own to not take payment from the Taliban to plant an IED, or provide assistance in an ambush that would aid a great deal. However the Pashtuns are warriors and do not like missing out on a fight.

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