Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Had a great conversation today

It started with a story of a British dentist being arrested at Heathrow for trying to get on a plane to go to Afghanistan to join the jihad.
LONDON (Reuters) - A London dentist who planned to fight for the AfghanTaliban against British and U.S. forces was jailed on Tuesday for preparingto commit terrorist acts.Sohail Qureshi, 29, was arrested in October 2006 at London's Heathrowairport as he prepared to fly to Pakistan carrying around 9,000 pounds($17,800) in cash, medical supplies and night vision gear.Qureshi, who was born in Pakistan.

Why would johnny jihad who by the way sounds very stupid but that is besides the point. Why would he be going to Afghanistan instead of Iraq? Is it because he is Pakistani? or is it because the ratlines closing into Iraq are making it harder to get there. AQ also see that they are in fact losing I read a partial briefing that AQI is having trouble even buying fuel for their vehicles these days they are getting so desperate they are directly attacking the Sunni's that have "joined" the US side. With the surge and the better news coming out of Iraq they are now also losing thepropaganda war. AQI views NATO as a soft target because of the willingnessto negotiate the Brits have shown. I think AQ is going to make a big push on Pakistan.

Thanks to Chris and Kev for this great coversation today. Makes one wonder doesnt it?

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